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What We Have Forgotten

by Jean Loup Pecquais

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One year after Score, it is time for me to introduce you my new album.
I had many goals for this record. First I wanted to create strong links between songs, to get a solid unity all along the album.
Then I work a lot on the vocals. I wanted less lead vocals, more layered parts and something less "out of the music".
What We Have Forgotten is about the absence, and the deep feeling of sadness you can get when you're far from someone you love. It is the darkest piece of music I've ever done. And this is also the piece of music of wich I am the most proud.
I really hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writting, recording, and producing it!
As additionnals musicians, you'll find Ludovic Diaz on drums, and Pauline Ducroux on track 2 and 5.
Photographs are from the great Jonathan Mourglia.
All the Artworks are included.


released November 16, 2015

Label : OutStage Record
Ludovic Diaz : Drums on all tracks / Mastering.
Pauline Ducroux : Vocals on track n°2 and 5. Spoken words on track n°2.
Photographs by Jonathan Mourglia.



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Jean Loup Pecquais France

Guitarist and producer, Jean Loup Pecquais is a french prog rock songwritter born in 1994. He raised up with the music of Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton.
His musical influences goes from Steven Wilson to Björk and passing by some metal touch.
His solo project start in 2014 with the album "Score".
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Track Name: What We Have Forgotten - Pt I
I forgot this path
I used to walk
Empty tracks to fill
With you absence

What We Have Forgotten

Everywhere I am looking at
I see the ghost of your smile
I'm living under your love
Promise me I'll see you again and again

What We Have Forgotten
Track Name: What We Have Forgotten - Pt II
What We Have Forgotten
Track Name: What We Have Forgotten - Pt III
Will you wait for some better days?
Will you handle the absence?
Are we going to stay poles apart?
Searching for a crossing point?
Track Name: Reunion
Shaping the light
From a futur past
Presuming of changes
Afraid of novelty

I was just like you
Waiting for days to passed like trains

Watching a snapshot
Of our happy times
Collecting messages
As a proof of you

I was just like you
Waiting for trains to passed like days

What a beautiful day to cry
It's a perfect day to die
Unite like words
We've lost on our way

I did not forget anything at all
Every single touch
Every smiles and sorrow
It is links we build

'Cause it make us stronger,
Even if it drown us down
Today I'm sure of why I've been waiting so long
Track Name: What We'll Retain
I still awake through a sunday night
Drifting away with my favorite chords
I shyly mumble some useless words
A lost atempt to write them down

A vinyl is on
Scratching up the stereo
Etheral thoughts, a glimpse of a smile
Through my sleepy eyes

All this words I spoke in vain
Gently flown like a stream of tears
A black river of thousand notes
A night garment wich goes and fade

The vinyl is dead
Silence from the stereo
A black veil settles down
With for only stars the pearls in your eyes

But I know, somewhere we're not alone
Sharing the same hope
What we'll retain from this
Is a bunch of songs I write for you