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Pie Good songs, good vocals GREAT guitar and... MELLOTRON (!) WHY does his record only appear in MY collection... HUH?? Favorite track: Child in the Attic.
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This record is the final point of a long work. A wonderfull travel, and a perfect ending.
It's about when you are twenty, and you have all kind of ghost following you : your childhood, your first love, your desillutions etc... And you try to build something from that.
Musically, it is somewhere in the prog rock world.

If you buy it, you'll get : all the music, with HD artwork and all the stuff to print your own CD!

I would like to warmly thank :
My familly for all their support, Théo Perek from Skyline Lab for his help through the mixing process, Ludovic Diaz from The Voodoo for accepting to play the drum on each track, and all my friends for giving me some returns. I love you all!


released November 28, 2014

Jean Loup Pecquais : Songwritting/Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Vocals/Production.
Ludovic Diaz : Drums
Bio Meka Noïd : Art Work (
Cosima Deschamps : Design/Logo/Cover (



all rights reserved


Jean Loup Pecquais France

Guitarist and producer, Jean Loup Pecquais is a french prog rock songwritter born in 1994. He raised up with the music of Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton.
His musical influences goes from Steven Wilson to Björk and passing by some metal touch.
His solo project start in 2014 with the album "Score".
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Track Name: The Blank Artist
Welcome to the factory
Of noises
Where we cry the black gold on our cheek
To oil our verses

No more words from the man
Only ink from the pen

Welcome to the slaughterhouse
Of great ideas
Where we dig the grave
For creativity

No more music from the stacks
Only notes from the axe

We're the automatons
We're the automatons
We're the automatons
We're the blank artists
Track Name: Nothing Change
Wonderyears in this landscape
Who lies to me
A look to the past
I don't recognized

You were happy
So alive
So simple
Nothing change
But you left

You broke my world
Of illusions
You stole my every single hope
I trusted you

You were joyfull
So alive
So simple
Nothing change
But you do

All this fantasy
For a cold fake place
Sorry, but I hate you
Will you forgive me ?

You look sad
Far from home
So bleak
Nothing change
But you grew up
Track Name: Another Perspective
A glimpse of a flash
Though the billion stars
A song who fade away
The memory of a shiny place

A child was playing here
Creating his world from a piece of wood
Nothing left anymore
Just a pathetic no-man's land

All the things you thought
All the dreams you had
All the truth you said
Moved with you to the sky

Please don't leave me
I need you child's eyes
I need to smile
I need to shine
I need to trust
I need to love
Please, don't let me grown
Track Name: Relics
Lying on the bed
Surrounded by your stuff
Don't have the nerves
To throw them away

Tears comes to my eyes
The pain devore my voice
Silence of death
Reign around me
Lost in the dark
With your relics

But I reject your smile
I turn the back to forget

I can't answer to your message
I let my phone ring until it faded away

Things start to move
Inside my head
This ghost of your times
Emmerge from the past
Grab me in the sorrow
The relics you left

But I reject your smile
I let go off your hand
No goodbye no kiss
I turn the back to forget
Track Name: Paradoxical Decease
Caress of the night
Cooped up in my cocoon
Warm and safe
Free the mind
Free the time
Ellipse of reality
So cozy here
I'm falling

Eyes open
In my head
Laugh resound though the air
And a dark mass crucified me
Crushed on the ground
Frozen by the fear
I can't breath anymore
I'm dying

Paradoxical decease
In my childish dreams
Paradoxical decease
I can't wake up

Paradoxical decease
In my childish dreams
Paradoxical decease
Will I wake up ?
Track Name: Child in the Attic
Some years passed away
What a strange funeral
With no one to cry

I'm quiet upset now
Of my old tunes
It put me a smile
A little embarrased

All the toys in a box
All the games throw away
Lock the child in the attic
Don't bother us with you joy

It's a glory day, twenty years ago
The Divison Bell ring in a chord
All my childhood seems quiet dusty now
Like an old photo of another time

All the toys in a box
All the games throw away
Lock the child in the attic
Don't Bother us with your joy

All the toys in a box
All the games throw away
Lock the child in the attic
For ever and ever